Symposium Topics



1. What microbes can tell us:
ecological consequences of global change in aquatic ecosystems.

2. I love fools' experiments. I am always making them
Microbial evolution on ecological time scales.

3. All for one, one for all?
Bacterial life strategies in relation to carbon flow to higher trophic levels.

4. Genomics for a better understanding of the aquatic biogeochemical processes.

5. From predictions to reality:
what omics can (and can't) tell us about microbial ecology.

6. Deep insight bacterial diversity:
from community composition to community functions.

7. Shifts in metabolic activity levels and the role of dormancy.

8. Microbial metabolic specialization:
causes and ecological consequences.

9. New methods in microbial ecology:
chemical imaging, single cell transcriptomics, microfluidics/lab on a chip.

10. A trouble shared, is a trouble halved:
Bacteria-Virus ecology and coevolution.

11. Giving and getting:
lifestyles of attached and symbiotic microbes.

12. Way of life and autecology of distinct prokaryotes.

13. Phototrophic plankton as the movers and shakers in aquatic ecosystems.

14. Bacterial biogeography and dispersal in a changing world.