SAME13 is supported by several companies located nearby Lake Maggiore, in order to provide the highest quality of materials and the highest respect of the environment during the Conference. We selected these companies on the base of their policy and of their history. We are sure that through their presence at SAME13 you to feel more integrated in the atmosphere of Lake Maggiore and of northern Piedmont, a very special corner of Italy!


NovamontNovamont is world leading company in the production of bioplastics. It was created by a group of researchers following the example of Giacomo Fauser. The company’s ambitious project, “Living Chemistry for Quality of Life”, combines chemistry, agriculture and the environment. The Novamont story has its roots in the Montedison school of material science, which was created after the discovery of polypropylene by the Nobel prize-winner Giulio Natta. More generally it was influenced by the school of chemistry created at the beginning of the twentieth century in Novara by Fauser. The Novamont project entails finding new ways of using renewable raw materials made from plant matter. These bioplastics, which are used for specific applications, have a low environmental impact and all the properties of traditional materials, but can also be completely biodegradable. All the plastics used during SAME13 are provided by Novamont.


Nova CoopNova Coop is one of the biggest Italian cooperatives for large distribution, with over 60 malls in Piedmont and Lombardy. Nova Coop consumers are also owners of the Cooperative and have a direct control on quality, fairness and sustainability of the products sold in the malls. Nova Coop incomes are redistributed in order to develop the society, to promote social initiatives, and to preserve the environment.
Food and beverages served at the coffee breaks at SAME13 are all based on organic, local or fair-trade products from the Coop lines Bio, ViviVerde, and Solidal.


menabreaBirra Menabrea is an of the largest Italian independent brewing companies, and it is located in Biella, Piedmont. It produces more than 150 thousand hectolitres of beer annually, part of which for export in twenty countries. In more than a century and a half of life, Menabrea has won prestigious international awards. The brewery has always been located in Biella throughout its history; attached to the brewery there is a museum of beer, articulated on a number of historical relics showing the different systems adopted in time for the production of this beverage. A special edition of Menabrea Premium SAME13 will be produced in a few hundreds of thousands of bottles and sold all over Italy from June 2013, and indeed served as official beer at SAME13.


SlowFoodThe Slow Food Convivium Lago Maggiore and Verbano is promoting Slow Food philosophy in the area of Lake Maggiore. Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. Slow Food believes that everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of biodiversity, culture and knowledge that make this pleasure possible. Slow Food was founded in Italy (in Piedmont) in 1989 as a non-profit member-supported association to counter the rise of fast food and fast life, and today it has over 100000 members joined in 1500 convivia. The Slow Food Convivium Lago Maggiore and Verbano is overlooking the organization of the SAME13 Dinner and Party.




The Bognanco Group is a historical producer of mineral waters, from the thermal sources of Bognanco Valley, in the Ossola Alps, nearby Lake Maggiore. Some of their waters are naturally sparkling, and all of them are characterized by very special composition in chemical elements, making them ideal for specific diets. The Bognanco Group will provide local mineral water to SAME13.



RovellottiRovellotti winery produces from centuries high quality wines on the hills just South of Lake Maggiore. Its production of Ghemme DOCG is world famous, and it is based on Nebbiolo grapes as well as the most known Barolo, produced in southern Piedmont. Their ancient vineyards are between the most beautiful of the surroundings, and can be visited upon reservation. Rovellotti wines will be served during the aperitif and the SAME13 Party.


MaggiaMaggia Institute for Tourism is a the most famous high school of Stresa, and the first of this kind in Italy, being established in 1938. Students of the Maggia can learn cooking, serving, and services of reception and management in a school that fully simulates a five stars hotel. Students of Maggia Institute, with the support of teachers, will help with the reception/registration services, will serve during the sessions and the coffee breaks, and will cook the deliciuos sweets and the drinks offered to the convenors during the breaks.


villaVilla Rusconi Clerici, in Verbania, is a beautifully preserved late 19th century house with an English-style garden, it faces the Borromean Gulf with a magnificent view of the famous islands. Villa Rusconi-Clerici offers a complete, high class organisation of receptions, weddings, conventions and special events. A beautiful pavilion for receptions has been erected in the middle of the garden, a graceful wrought iron structure in the style of the imposing greenhouses of the late 19th century. The pavilion has a variable capacity, seating from 50 to a maximum of 400 guests. Mr. Francesco Rusconi Clerici, the owner of the Villa offered to SAME13 to host the SAME13 Gala Dinner in the pavillon and the SAME13 Party in the cellars, on thursday 12th of September.