SAME13 seeks your support to limit the environmental footprint of our event. Our efforts include measures to reduce waste production, encourage reuse and recycling of materials, as well as other initiatives. Here you can find a few suggestions on how to reduce the impact of the conference and of your participation:



There are direct flights to Milan Malpensa from most major international cities, which reduce GHG emissions. The best way to access Stresa is by fast trains, an excellent alternative to air travel for attendees from most places in Europe. The train and bus station are located in the heart of Stresa, just steps from the Palazzo dei Congressi and from the hotels. Downtown Stresa is small and everything can by easily reached by foot. Participants are strongly encouraged to walk, leaving their cars in hotel's garages.


The Palazzo dei Congressi is well known in organizing green conferences. Its green reputation is based on the environmental practices that have been integrated throughout the facility, from natural lighting to reducing water and energy consumption and cleaning with environmental products. 

Food Services

Preference will be given to local and bulk products. Aperos and dinner will be organized by the Lake Maggiore Slow Food Association, ensuring 0km organic products like lake fish, local vegetables and mountain cheese. High quality mineral water will be provided by the local producer Bognanco (55 km from Stresa), wine from the world famous Robellotti wineyards in Ghemme (36 km from Stresa), beer from the largest independent Italian brewery (Menabrea, from Biella 64 km from Stresa). Local and organic products for the coffee breaks will be offered by Coop Gravellona (13 km from Stresa). Untouched food will be given to a local food bank.

Waste Management

Recycling stations will be available on the conference site. Kitchen and tableware will be in MaterB biodegradable plastic, produced by Novamont in Novara (65 km from Stresa).


The recommended hotels and apartments are located near the conference site and are within walking distance. All Stresa hotels follow sound environmental policies and most of them are green certified.


Environmental practices are encouraged among participants and sponsors. Registration and most communication will be done online. Required quantities of key documents will be printed possibly on recycled paper. SAME13 offers you the possibility find your poster directly in Stresa: for a few euros more we can print it on organic materials.


Thank you for your support to

the SAME13 Green Commitment !